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Many people are claiming online that Qnet is a Scam company through various ways. One common way they have choosed is through writing ARTICLES CLAIMING THAT THIS MLM COMPANY IS A SCAM. But I feel this is just not true. As Qnet is a very big company and is spread over many countries with the MLM business structure.

I feel people who join Qnet as Irs, have very high expectation and myths that they will soon become very rich. Who is declaring such myths is not the matter of concern as the Qnet website clearly mentions you need to give in efforts and it is not a get rich quick policy.

There are many other firms involved in the similar pattern of business, one needs to take wise decision by selecting the reliable and a genuine firm.

Qnet Scam is a rumor that is spread by those IRS who are unable to perform. They many ti9mes invest foolishly, thinking they will get the double amount o their investments and will soon get rich. They invest happily but when it comes to put in efforts they are not happy and loose money. Later they feel cheated and claim Qnet as Qnet scam.

So when one is investing in Qnet people need to understand that it is a very clever marketing method and only if one understands this marketing get involve in it. If you don't understand then don't join. A wise decision would be to make intelligent investments, have patience when you start investing, be proactive and work hard. If an Ir works as it is required the outcome of the hard work would be positive. Qnet helps the team to grow with the firm. Various training sessions are conducted on a regular base, to motivate the whole team to do better.

Most importantly, it has a good product range, which is very innovative and is free from all the possible side effects.

So people who claim Qnet as Qnet scam are spreading rumors, don't believe them, but try using your own understanding as to how a known and reputed firm in the industry can be a scam.

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Qnet Scam - Work as it is required

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    Peter- 2011/03/23 05:46:05 am

    Sherwette - can u please give me a working link. That link isn't working.

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    Sherwette- 2010/10/30 07:47:53 am

    I noticed that the blame of failure here is based upon the effort given by the marketer. I agree that sometimes its the skills that helps make it successful. However, I do have another view. If you or anyone is interested to learn more about the other side of the story. Please check this article: Do you still want to join network marketing? Inform yourself! http://sherwette.blogspot.com/2010/10/do-u-still-want-to-join-network.html I also wrote 2 other articles that include more information. The links are provided in the article.

This article was published on 2010/09/27